Data, Privacy and Cybersecurity

Data privacy regulation is developing rapidly internationally as use of personal data becomes a greater focus for businesses. Further, the global market is becoming increasingly accessible to suppliers and customers.

Data privacy laws are being introduced, refined and strengthened and many jurisdictions are passing laws which protect their people from unauthorised dealings with their data by firms in foreign jurisdictions.

Vardon Legal provides businesses with advice on data privacy law compliance including:

  • Advising on application of Privacy Laws including the Australian Privacy Principles
  • Preparation of compliance systems including:

    • Privacy policies
    • Data collection notices
    • Notifiable Data Breach response plans
  • Advising on required responses to data breaches
  • Drafting of contract provisions to ensure compliance by contracting parties with Privacy Laws and allocating control of data breach response
  • Advising of Privacy issues related to collection, maintenance and use of databases including for direct marketing

Our extensive international network of trusted advisers can be accessed to ensure compliance with foreign privacy laws where data is collected from markets outside of Australia.